Welcome to TranceFamily TW

Based in Taiwan, our mission is to provide a community for the people who love trance music. We will keep everyone abreast with the latest news and information related to Trance which include artist updates, music releases and upcoming events around the world. One of our focuses will also be promoting local trance events in the country. By establishing a strong foundation for the music we love, we will stand together along with all the other TranceFamily’s around the world.

我們的使命是為喜愛 Trance 音樂的朋友提供一個相聚的平台。 也讓每個人更了解與Trance 相關的最新新聞和信息,其中包括世界各地的音樂家的更新、音樂發布和即將舉行的活動,我們也希望能為台灣的 Trance 帶來更多的推廣。 更希望我們能為所愛的音樂 – Trance 建立一個堅實的基礎,與世界各地的 TranceFamily 一起!聚在一起!

TranceFamily TW

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